I Want to Kill My Mother So That I Can Marry My Dad, I Love My Dad So Much and I See Him As My Future Husband

I am a lady of 26 years and I live with my parents in a city. I am the only child of my parents. My dad is a business man, who stays at home to run his business and my mum on the other hand, would sometimes, leave early for work and come back late at night, leaving me alone with my dad in the house.

The problem is that, I have a strong feeling for my dad. I started seeing my dad as my future husband when I was in my adolescent age because, the love I have for him overwhelmed me that I couldn’t get over it.

The love my dad shows to me is more than the love a father could give to his daughter. But, I must say that, I can’t take his love for me as a father’s love to his daughter, because he shows me more love to be considered as such.

Indeed, he has stolen my heart. He is a real man, physically strong, handsome, has a charming body, money and everything that a woman wants in a man.

However, my dad also love me the way I do, because if not so, he wouldn’t have been sleeping with me on the same couch from when I was little till my 18 years of age that I entered the university. He wouldn’t also have been calling me his first lady, saying ‘ I love you’ to me always and treating me as if I were his wife. Maybe, he doesn’t know how to confess his love to me because of what my mum might do.

As it stands now, I think that my dad wants me as his wife, but the obstacle is my mum. Please help me, what should I do? I want to kill my mum to marry my dad. I really love him so much.

Please advice me, what should I do? Kindly drop your comments below.

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