Buhari Signed Highest Number Of Bills Since 4th Republic—Lawan

Senate President Ahmad Lawan says President Muhammadu Buhari assented to more bills than all his predecessors did since the fourth Republic started.

He spoke Saturday night in Lagos where he was awarded The Sun Political Icon of the Year 2021.

Lawan, according to a statement yesterday by his spokesman, Ola Awoniyi, applauded Buhari for his cooperation with the legislature to get things done.

“For us in the ninth Assembly, if not because we have the buy-in of the president to ensure that the legislature works very cordially with the executive arm of government, all the legislations wouldn’t have been assented to.

Therefore we believe that the legislature and the executive arms of government must always work together. They can disagree, but not to cause friction to such an extent that citizens will not receive the services from government,” Lawan said.

He said the current National Assembly stood out from the previous ones because of its ability to conquer most complex and critical legislations that had defied passage or assent.

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