Give Me Six Months, I’ll Chase Out Banditry From Nigeria – Wike

Governor Nyesom Wike

Rivers State Governor and the Presidential aspirant of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Nyesom Wike, on Saturday, disclosed that Nigerians need a strong leader to rid the country off insecurity and other challenges bedevilling the nation come 2023.

Wike, who stated this when he met with party delegates in the state to seek their votes ahead the May 29 convention of the party, said that he remains the only aspirant to win the presidential election for the party.

He boasted that if Nigerians elected him as the president on the platform of PDP, he would restore the economy of the nation through agriculture and others, and would chase out banditry from the country within the period of six months.

The governor stressed that with the current state of hunger, poverty, insecurity and economy downturn ravaging the nation, Nigeria needs a strong leader to save her from the woes and look after the welfare of the people.

He lamented that if President Muhmmadu Buhari were a strong leader, the country won’t be in her current mess of insecurity, where investors couldn’t come into Nigeria to invest, coupled with the ongoing strike of the Academic Staff Union of University (ASUU).

Wike, who expressed confidence in the votes of the delegates on May 29, said that he is already a candidate of the party and not an aspirant anymore, saying that he would not betray the trust of the delegates and Nigerians if he becomes president in 2023.

“If you don’t have a strong leadership, agriculture cannot grow, when there is insecurity, you cannot do anything and you must have peace for investors to come in for people to set up industry, but when there is no security, nobody will come. In my first six months as the president of Nigeria, let this bandits, let them wait for me, when they hear Wike, they will be on the run, I will pursue them, it is my job, I will provide all the security agencies whatever they require, if you don’t do it within the time bound, pack your things and go.

“Some people say that they can’t control me. Look, Nigerians control me, the welfare of Nigerians is what should control me, the security of the nation is what should control me, the economy of the nation is what should control me. I want to be president and the Commander-in-Chief of the not only Armed Forces, but of economy, of security, of agriculture. People are dying of hunger, people are dying of poverty and you say you are commander, what are you commanding?

“One thing I tell people when they come here, they say agriculture, when they come here, they say ASUU. We require a strong leadership if you don’t have a strong leadership; there will continue to be ASUU strike. Some people say I should not be saying I am the candidate, but I say I am the candidate, not an aspirant, aspirants with who? Look at Ogun State people you are still calling me aspirant when Ogun has given me all the whole vote.”

“We will win the election for PDP. From today, anything you think about is Wike, if you are making friend you say Wike if your wife is bringing food for you is Wike, if your wife say darling lets go to bed, you say Wike. As you go to that Abuja, don’t hear any language when they give you a ballot paper don’t waste time, just vote Wike” he added.

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