In 3 Days, Power Generation Drops Below 5000MW, Customers Count Losses

For three days consecutively, the Nigeria’s power generation capacity has dropped below, 5000MW just as consumers counted their losses in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT).

Recall that the power generation capacity of the country is said to be above 8000WM daily but in the recent times, it has been fluctuating between 5000MW and 4000MW respectively.

However, according to a data obtained by our Reporter from the national grid performance record on Tuesday, the total power generated on the same day was 3,252MW as at 5:30pm.

The breakdown of the data, also reviewed that the Tuesday’s generation was a-347MW shortfall to Monday’s generation, which was, 3599WM.

Similarly, the Sunday’s power generation stood at 3,694MW, and was 95MW higher than what was generated on Monday.

Meanwhile, an electricity consumer in Jahi 11 in Jahi District of the FCT, Mr. Kehinde Olufemi, has lamented that the epileptic power supply was taking a tow on his business, and described the development as frustrating.

Olufemi, a barber, who spoke with this medium, said in the last two days, he had been operating with a generating set, adding that the development had forced him to increase his charges from N300 to N400.

He claimed that he had spent up to, N5000 on fuel, which according to him, he bought at N500 per litre at the black market.

Also speaking, another resident of the FCT, who simply identified herself as Madam Dorcas, alleged that some franchise areas in the FCT, were supplied power constantly but accused the management of Abuja Electricity Distribution Company (AEDC) to supply consumers with higher remittance at the detriment of lower remittance–consumers.

“My dear some franchise areas have lights. It is like AEDC gives power to customers with higher remittance.

For those with low remittance is low voltage”, she alleged.

An Abuja-based journalist, who also spoke with our Reporter on a condition of annolminity, alleged that she was a Band A tariff customer but was supplied light below five hours, accusing the new management of AEDC for the development.

She said: “We are paying Band A customer tariff, yet we are having less than 5 hours power supply in APO. This started when this new management of AEDC came on board. We can’t be placed on Band A and be paying about N60, and yet, days upon days, no power supply.

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