Proforce: Nigeria Armored Company Delivers Ara MRAP Armored Vehicles to Chad Army

Nigerian-made Proforce “Ara” MRAP vehicles delivered to Chad  

According to a tweet posted on May 27 by Jake (jakepor21), Proforce Ltd, Nigeria’s leading defence corporation, has delivered 20 MRAP vehicles in a variety of configurations to the African Republic of Chad: recovery, medical evacuation (MEDEVAC), command and control, patrolling, and surveillance missions.

The Ara, or Thunder, is a 17-ton Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) vehicle designed to provide a high level of protection. Combining an array of latest technologies, the Ara is a mission-adaptive vehicle that provides high crew protection.

The Ara is integrated with a fully independent suspension system. Driveline shafts and differentials from the transmission to the wheels and other components are covered and protected inside the backbone tube of the chassis. As for a non-permanent 4×4 vehicle, the front axle is engageable. The vehicle is fitted with side differential locks on both axles, engageable at standstill. Ara’s traction and small turning radius give it high manoeuvrability through narrow roads. This capability combined with a EURO 3, 8,850 cc Cumins engine developing 400hp, coupled with an Allison automatic transmission provides the Ara MRAP with the ability to deal with extremely rough terrain effortlessly.

Ara’s protection capability comes with full-spectrum hybrid armour systems. As standard, the vehicle armour protection system is independently tested for STANAG levels and above, and is designed to be fully upgradable. The ARA can be equipped with slat armours and iron curtains to protect against RPGs. The vehicle can be fitted with hybrid passive and reactive armours for effective defence against IEDs, EFPs and shape charge warheads.

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